Simplifying the way you collect, manage and evaluate your data

Data solutions for organisations to drive process efficiency and impact

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Powerful/Flexible data collection - Online or Offline

Dataogram helps you build your own data collection forms to gather field data using mobile phones, tablets or laptops - online or offline . The platform can also receive data from your mobile or web applications or other partners. Now store all your data securely on the cloud, sync them and access information, anywhere, anytime.

Secure/Comprehensive Data Management

Our team helps you with your data management strategy by designing the field data collection workflow; developing advanced XLSforms that integrates with our form builder platform and manage access control to ensure data integrity

Insights for Stakeholders

Dataogram enables your organisation to measure the success of your projects and get closer to achieving your vision. We use charts, maps and tables to tell your stories to donors and key partners. Our reports reach the user inbox at their desired frequency to enable stakeholder engagement and better decision making and to track your program’s performance against the KPIs.

Capacity building

To build a sustainable operating model we work with your team to improve their skills with respect to data collection, identification of red flags and managing variances.


Our field offices now use their mobile phones to collect information instead of lengthy paper based forms. We love how technology makes it so efficient and real time.

The results have been great - My program team can now seamlessly collect information on-the-go and monitor the results through realtime dashboards

Solutions in time spans and budgets that I'd been given to understand just arent possible :-)

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